When weather forces you to take kids’ fitness inside—or within a limited space—don’t let that slow you down!

There are so many ways to improve fitness, coordination, and physical literacy inside your studio, classroom, or living room!

SPIDERfit Kids shares many of these activities in our weekly newsletter, YouTube channel, and Facebook page.

One of our favorite simple indoor activities is called “Hop Guesser.” It’s fun for both kids and adults, and it’s a great way to develop spatial awareness.

How to play Hop Guesser

Age: 6+

Total time: 2-3 minutes
Equipment: Cone or other marker (2 for up to 4 children)
Group size: Any
Set up: Place 2 cones or markers on the floor roughly 10 feet apart.
Fitness component: Awareness/coordination, general fitness (muscular, cardiovascular)

  1. Instruct the children to line up behind a cone or other marker (a line on the floor works as well, facing the other cone or marker.*
  1. Call out a number. This is the number of equal jumps, hops, or steps they must attempt to take to get to the other cone or marker.
  1. Tell the children the jumps, hops, or steps must all be the same distance.
  1. The children attempt to get within a finger’s distance of the target cone or marker in the number of jumps, hops, or steps.
  1. For example, if the number “4” is called, they must perform 4 equal jumps, hops, or steps and attempt to end up 1 fingers distance from the cone, without making contact with it.
  1. Repeat with different numbers, then have the child “guess” themselves how many “moves” they will take to get to the marker.

*Can be done facing forward, backward, laterally, or with the eyes closed.

Check out this video of a SPIDERfit Kid in action with Hop Guesser!

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