The Powerful Play Course

Does it seem like the kids you work with can’t do the “basics” anymore when it comes to the fundamental skills of fitness?

Kids who once developed a variety of skills through hours of free play are now spending their limited free time in front of televisions, computers, and video games.

Now we have a childhood obesity problem. We as parents, fitness professionals, classroom teachers, and coaches are charged with creating a solution.

But how can we compete against the immersive, easily-accessed engagement of  sedentary technology?

The answer?

TEACH kids how to PLAY once again!

Play is a powerful tool in creating the foundations of fitness and physical literacy that children need to be confident and competent with physical fitness for life.

In SPIDERfit Kids’ online course, Powerful Play- The Ultimate Guide to the Foundations of Fitness and Physical Literacy, you gain immediate access to an online toolbox of knowledge and practical strategies to inspire kids to get fit through play!

To learn more about how you can start making a difference with fun, engaging play-based programming, download Chapter 1 from Powerful Play here!

Learn more about how to start using the program framework and hundreds of activities in the Powerful Play course by going to!