Whether you are looking for a fast and fun activity to do with your kids, or an entire program, SPIDERfit Kids provides you with videos and other information for ideas and inspiration.

These activities are ideal for kids age 6-10. However, we have used them in programming with everyone, including adults. Feel free to try with everyone you work with!

To help organize when and where to best use these activities, we provide info on “large space” (outdoor or designated play area) or “small space” (can be done indoors or in a small space such as a classroom). Many can be done in both spaces.

For more information on how play is a powerful tool in developing the foundations of fitness and physical literacy, download Chapter 1 from the Powerful Play course here!

A Warm Up For Body Awareness

Find ideas and a framework for play-based warm ups and circuits here!


Discover the “tricks of the trade” to make learning fast, fun, and effective!

Using the Senses to Make Teaching Easier: Guided Discovery
Large space / Small space

Using the Senses to Make Teaching Easier: Peer Coaching
Large space / Small space

These are quick activities requiring no set up or equipment that can be used to get kids moving immediately. You can download the free “5 Indoor Powerful Play Activities Guide” here!

Body Letters
Body Awareness
Indoor / Outdoor
Large space / Small space

Wall Pushes
Proprioceptive Awareness
Indoor / Outdoor
Large space / Small space

If you work with groups, you know the challenge of getting kids to become partners to form groups quickly. Here you’ll find activities and games that quickly organize large groups of children in a fun way!

Shark Island
Large space

Scatter Run Grouper
Large space

As you’ve learned in SPIDERfit Kids’ course, Powerful Play, the perceptual motor skills are the essential foundation for a lifetime of fitness and physical literacy.

Activities are indexed by the specific perceptual motor skills.

Body Awareness
Play and Body Awareness: Imaginary Animal Crawl

Play and Body Awareness: Crazy Callouts

Directional Awareness
Teaching Kids Right from Left: Directionality and Laterality (Large space / Small space)

Play and Directional Awareness: Compass Calisthenics (Large space / Small space)

Spatial Awareness
Play and Spatial Awareness: Hop Guesser (Large space / Small space)

Play and Spatial Awareness: Airplanes (Large space)

Temporal Awareness
The Origins of Agility: Rhythm (Large space)

Play and Temporal Awareness: Movin’ to the Beat (Large space / Small space)

Visual Awareness
Play and Visual Awareness: Improving Hand/Eye Coordination (Large space)

Play and Visual Awareness: Partner Pursuits (Large space/Small space)

Vestibular Awareness
Play and Vestibular Awareness: The Vestibulo-ocular Reflex (Large space/Small space)

Play and Vestibular Awareness: Yes/No (Large space/Small space)

Auditory Awareness
Play and Auditory Awareness: Which Ear is the “Right” Ear? (Large space/Small space)

Play and Auditory Awareness: Hog Calls (Large space)

Proprioceptive Awareness
Play and Proprioceptive Awareness: Wall Pushes (Large space/Small space)

Play and Proprioceptive Awareness: T-Birds (Large space/Small space)

Tactile Awareness
Play and Tactile Awareness: Partner Mirror Hands (Large space/Small space)