Energy is a great thing.

We adults often start our day looking for it at the bottom of a coffee cup.

Kids, on the other hand have nearly limitless stores of energy.  When this energy is directed correctly, it drives curiosity, exploration, and ultimately, development.  When it’s directed poorly, or not at all, it drives bad behavior, the harassment of siblings, and the fast train to the insane asylum for parents.

The next time you find yourself standing in line at the store, stuck inside on a sizzling hot day, or any other situation that tends to “poke the rattlesnake” of kids phrenic energy, below are five quick activities you can do to not only direct their energy more appropriately, but help them develop their physical skills.

Jumping Beans: Consider using whispers in instead of claps and hand raises or other prompts instead of jumps. 

Partner Tracking Tag

Partner Knee Tag: Probably not in line at the store!

Partner Sound Tag


Partner Touch Relay: Without the relay.


Notice that you as the parent are involved as well.  Not only does this help engage your child, it sets an example that you like to move too! Moving helps keep us healthy, vibrant, and most of all, sane!  

Have fun!

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