Play & Fitness

The Winter Warm-Up

With winter temperature dropping, it’s more important than ever that youth follow a proper warm-up before PE class, sports practice, or any other physical activity.

Below is a “plug and play” program for the first 15-20 minutes of your class, camp, or training sessions.

The program below is ideal for 6-12th grade, but can be adapted for younger kids as well.

Foundations of Physical Literacy

We start with letters.

We learn that each letter had a sound.

These sounds can be put together in to words.

Words can then be put together into phrases, paragraphs, stories, and novels.

Pretty soon, we’re reading.

Literacy is developed by breaking down complex arrangements of words into their fundamental pieces.

Family Fitness Challenge!

Day 1: Exercise Challenge
By the end of the day, your family has to complete a total (added together) of:

1. 100 jumping jacks
2. 100 push-ups
3. 100 sit ups or crunches
4. 100 burpees

Day 2: Team Dinner (No Microwave)
Today, your family challenge is to choose a recipe and everyone has to make some part of the meal. No microwave allowed!

How America Will Win the Next World Cup!

Sadly, it’s time once again to put away our team USA soccer jerseys and wait another four years before soccer becomes a central theme in the American sports conversation.

It’s not that team USA doesn’t have talent. We continually improve our showings in international contests. Many of our national team players have made significant talent contributions to elite foreign teams.

After all, Americans grow up in an athletic culture that offers a variety of competitive advantages.