Click below to watch the Family Fitness Challenge video!

Day 1: Exercise Challenge
By the end of the day, your family has to complete a total (added together) of:

1. 100 jumping jacks
2. 100 push-ups
3. 100 sit ups or crunches
4. 100 burpees

Day 2: Team Dinner (No Microwave)
Today, your family challenge is to choose a recipe and everyone has to make some part of the meal. No microwave allowed!

Day 3: Thanks!
Today, every member of your family gets to make a list of 20 things they are thankful for. You can write these down and put them on your refrigerator.

Day 4: Lock Out
Today, the entire family has to be “locked out” of the house for 2 hours. You can go on a bike ride, go to the park, play a game, or do anything outside. Team sports, games, and practices don’t count!

Day 5: Jumping Jack Rumble
Choose a time when the entire family is watching TV. For 3 commercial breaks, do as many jumping jacks as you can for each. At the end of the 3rd commercial break, add them up and crown the champion!

Complete all 5 challenges?

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