The Winter Warm-Up
Brett Klika- CEO SPIDERfit Kids

With winter temperature dropping, it’s more important than ever that youth follow a proper warm-up before PE class, sports practice, or any other physical activity.

Below is a “plug and play” program for the first 15-20 minutes of your class, camp, or training sessions.

The program below is ideal for 6-12th grade, but can be adapted for younger kids as well.

Whether kids are athletes or merely just looking to improve fitness, learning HOW to move is essential for creating an opportunity for lifelong fitness.

This warm-up/general conditioning circuit is designed to warm up the lower and upper body, get kids engaged, and work on some essential locomotion skills. Just click on the links for video demos of all the exercises.

After the warm-up, go into games, practice, or any other activities they enjoy!

Warming up in the Winter

Partner Tag Drill 4×20 seconds

Whole Body Warm-up
Lower Body
• Stationary accelerations 10 sets
• Lateral shifts 20
• Primal push-ups 6
• Hip hinges 10

Get Up Drills
• Kneeling get ups 3 each leg
• Get ups from bottom 3 each leg
• Back get ups 3 each leg
• Stomach get ups 3 each leg

Upper Body
• Shoulder blade protractions 10
• Open and closers 10
• Cross body PNF 10 each arch
• Cross body PNF with rotation 10 each arm

Locomotion (2 sets of each)
Deceleration Series

• Lunges 5 each leg
• Drop lunges 5 each leg
• Lunge drives 5 each leg
Lateral Switch Drill 10
Use this as a warm-up year round to improve movement, decrease injury, and create a future of physically literate youth!

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