Kids these days!

It’s so frustrating to see my kids just sit around being inactive, staring at their phones, eating sugar, and slowly becoming more and more obese.

Someone needs to do something!

I mean, someone else needs to do something.  I’m an adult. I have to do important adult things.

Many of my important adult things are found on my handheld device.  It’s true that according to research by eMarketer, I spend about 12 hours 7 minutes a day consuming media from my handheld device and other forms of technology. I spend, on average, 4.7 hours on my device alone, at least 2.5 hours of that time on non-work-related apps in addition to texting and web browsing. But I’m just too busy!  I do take a little break at least 17 times a day to check social media, according to survey by Informate Mobile Intelligence, which is nice.

It’s the kids that have the real tech problem! With children’s high paying jobs, disposable incomes, and no means of regulating how they obtain and consume technology, someone really needs to do something. I mean, according to Common Sense Media, just under 50% of kids under age 8 have their own device and spend over 2 hours per day on them.  They should be more responsible consumers!

Someone needs to do something!

All this technology is making kids so inactive! According to the Centers for Disease Control nearly 80% of kids fall short of the recommended daily requirements for physical activity. I would do something, but as I mentioned above, I’m so busy. As a matter of fact, I’m so busy that I’m part of the nearly 80% of adults who don’t meet the daily requirements for physical activity.  Someone needs to show these kids how to be more active.

(Hands thrown up in the air) Please someone, do something!

And obesity! The children! The news app I was reading on my phone during dinner with my family said that according to the Centers for Disease Control, 17% of American Children age 6-11 are obese. Not overweight. Dangerously obese! I mean, I’m a busy adult who is busy with adult stuff (as I mentioned) so of course, myself and 37% of other American adults are dangerously obese.  But the kids? Schools, food companies, and video game manufacturers need to set a better example.

Why Isn’t Anyone Doing Anything?!!!

Maybe it’s the food. Kids need to eat better.  The sugar, refined carbohydrates, and solid fats are really hurting their health.  According to the Obesity Society, the top 20% of children consumers take in about 673 calories per day from sugar. The top 20% of adult consumers like myself who purchase and prepare family meals, take in on average 721 calories a day from sugar. The Centers for Disease Control suggests that about 65% of these calories are consumed at home. So, as you can see, the schools really need to get their act together if we want to get kids to eat better.

If someone doesn’t step up and help my children, what will the future look like?

Maybe I should do something. I’ve made it clear I’m very busy with adult stuff, but I will make the time for this important cause. From now on instead of merely checking in on social media 17 times per day, I’m going to post and share things that I think are critical to changing kids’ health.

Maybe then, the people of my opposing political ideology will finally start doing something about the health of my children.



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